In the podcast series "Was mir Hölderlin bedeutet: Annäherungen und Anklänge", Christoph Bode speaks about Hölderlin's "Das Angenehme dieser Welt hab' ich genossen".


Listen to the recording from September 8, 2020 here:

Obituary Michael O'Neill
Christoph Bode's obituary for Michael O'Neill, a long-standing member of our society and a dear friend and colleague to many of us. Many of you will remember conversations with Michael at our conferences in Regensburg or in Wuppertal, where he gave memorable keynotes.
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Aktuelles / CFPs

After the enormously successful joint conference with the IABS in Vechta in September 2019, the next conference of the German Society for English Romanticism will take place in Augsburg from October 4 October 7, 2021. The conference theme will be "Romantic Ecologies" - understood very broadly,

including metaphorical conceptions of ecology. A call for papers will be issued in due course. The conference is to take place at the Tagungshaus St. Ulrich (, where participants will also be staying.